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  • Update 0.0.12

    [!] [S13] 4th quest the combo does not work correctly - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Maze of Dimension does not drop zen - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Battle Zone map with corrupt warp - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Party states do not show buff - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Lock Magic bell and magical Condor does not increase what corresponds - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Problems with the NPC Cent - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Problems with the personal store - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Disconnect when using the muhelper in Swamp of the Darkness - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Experience bar bug - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Stability of the corrected server
    [!] [S13] After finishing the fourth evolution, the account remains connected - Fixed
    [!] [S13] When putting more than one article to create runny stone does not work - Fixed
    [!] [S13] By dying making the fourth quets you appear in a place that does not exist - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Monster Cent regenerates without advancing in the fourth evolution - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Wings level 4 does not work to upload the item - Fixed
    [!] [S13] Does not allow you to erase the character - Fixed
    [!] [S13] After doing the reset with the fourth quets I do not hurt - Fixed

    [!][S13] 4th quest el combo no funciona correctamente - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Maze of Dimension no dropea zen - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Battle Zone map con warp corrupto - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Estados del party no muestra los buff - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Lock Magic bell y Condor magical no aumenta lo que corresponde - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Problemas con el NPC Cent - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Problemas con la tienda personal - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Desconecta al usar el muhelper en Swamp of the Darkness - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Barra de experiencia bug - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Estabilidad del servidor correjida
    [!][S13] Luego de terminar la cuarta evolucion queda la cuenta conectada - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Al poner mas de un articulo para crear runny stone no funciona - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Al morir haciendo la cuarta quets apareces en un lugar que no existe - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Monster Cent se regenera sin avanzar en la cuarta evolucion - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Alas nivel 4 no funciona para subir el elemento - Arreglado
    [!][S13] No te permite borrar el personaje - Arreglado
    [!][S13] Luego de hacer el reset con la cuarta quets no hago daño - Arreglado